I haven’t done contact much before. Can I stay at Camp Contact?


Scottsdale, AZ
United States
Arizona US

The answer is neither a clear “yes” or “no” in this case, but leans towards the latter. We are wanting to make a little more integrated community in camp, based in the basic affinity of interest in contact improvisation. If this opening statement doesn’t already make you look elsewhere, then drop us a line and let’s talk. What would make us say “yes” are things like a serious ongoing investment in a related practice, a willingness to be there for set up and breakdown of camp, a willingness to jump into a spirit of service with the rest of us in contact camp in making the space happen, a strong interest in coming to the classes regularly and learning contact via contact camp, or some ability to help with infrastructure. What might make us say “no” is if you are more looking for a friendly place to park (in which case, there are some really great other camps with a similar vibe, which we would be happy to connect you with … check out Links).